Green Peace

Ever heard of matcha? Well, it’s ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. Hong Tong Wu and his sister Yiemie, the owners of Tea’s Delight, know how to treat this ingredient right. They put it in their ice cream, cookies and pancake, one topped with a slice of apple – fresh, slightly sour – and perfectly green cream. Eating this pancake may be a (tiny) sin, but it make’s you feel super zen in return. Not only since it’s delicious, but also because of the well balanced nature of this place. On the lower ground floor, you’ll find the dark yin space, including light teaware made of glass and porcelain. Upstairs you’ll find the lighter yang space with dark tea pots on the floor. Add to all this the soft voices of the sweet owners who patiently tell you all about the origins of their loose tea leaves and you’ll float to another world. To China where most of their tea comes from. Or to Taiwan where their fabulous Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is born.

Tea’s Delight
Green tea pancake, one, €3.50
Kinkerstraat 58, West
+31 (0) 20 616 17 49
Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10.30am-6.30pm

Tropical Tuna Treat

Let there be empanadas! These small pastry pockets with a savoury filling make great appetizers. Refusing an empanada lunch is a no-go. Dine on empanadas? Together with a soup as entrée and a ‘serious’ salad as a side dish! This little one offers lots of options. No wonder people in Spain, Portugal and South America have put this bite on a pedestal. Especially in Argentina it’s about the hottest food item around, according to Michiel, the co-owner of Baires Empanadas. This Dutchman worked in Buenos Aires for ten years. He discovered that local cooks truly master the art of empanada making; ‘doing the dough’ being the most difficult part of the process. Upon his return he was determined to create a piece of Buenos Aires in Amsterdam. One fine day he met Daniel, an Argentinian who had been selling hand-made empanadas from his home since 1999. And the rest is history. Ola Baires Empanadas! The one and only empanada place in town. The exquisite pastry pockets come in eight different flavours, the one with tuna, cilantro and lemon being my number one. What’s not to like about its tropical nature?

Baires Empanadas
Empanada with tuna, one, €3.25
Bilderdijkskade 25, West
+31 (0) 20 223 75 38
Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday 11am-7pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-8pm, Sunday noon-6pm