Autumn Rolls

In the Rechtstraat, close to Maastricht Central Station, Le Salonard opened the doors of a super duper delicatessen years ago. One of its claims to fame: excellent sourdough bread – pain de campagne, nuts-figues, walnut-honeymade in its own artisanal bakery. The Amsterdam branch is run by Evelyn en Elroy, a fun and food loving couple eager to please epicureans. Every Saturday at the end of the day Elroy opens a bottle of wine and offers clients a glass. A perfect finish of your hunt for weekend bites: organic charcuterie, quiches, cheeses, a football-seized meat ball and veal-truffle rolls. These home-made rolls are the quintessential autumn food; firm spiced organic meat with an earthy twist. To be eaten pure or with a bit of the home-made truffle mayonnaise. This bite and this season make me scream for one of the available red wines and some ‘serious’ chocolate too. Le Salonard’s best chocolate dessert is the moeulleux, a chocolate pie that spills out liquid chocolate when broken in two. Serve it warm, together with raspberry sauce.

Le Salonard
Veal-truffle roll, one, €3.95
Eerste van der Helststraat 21, South (De Pijp), other branches: check website
+31 (0) 20 846 64 69
Opening hours: Monday 9am-4pm, Tuesday-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm

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