Beach Boys

foto-718CORDon’t you just love the beach? Bare feet in the sand, a dip in the water, good booze and food at your fingertips. The frittura di pesce (fried fishes) of il Pecorino would definitely fit in that setting. This trattoria and pizzeria with a huge terrace isn’t on the beach, but these fishes dressed in a thin, slightly salted crust have ‘beach’ written allover their juicy bodies. They come with the sweetest lemon you’ll ever find. Some juice dashes of this sun-drenched lemon wonderfully enhances the taste of the calamari, sardines and shrimps. A glass of the white house wine or an ice-cold Italian beer will take your mood to an even higher level. And so does the scent of pizzas coming straight out of the wood-fired oven – the one with sausage of Tuscany and grilled vegetables is very mama mia. On top of it Il Pecorino serves hard-to-find dishes too, such as a risotto with a bolognese sauce of duck and a farinata, a ‘chicken peas pancake’ with a topping of onion, black pepper and – here he is again – the tasty sausage of Tuscany.

il Pecorino
Frittura di pesce, one portion for two, €14.50
Van der Pekstraat 2, Noord
+31 (0) 20 737 15 11
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 5pm-11pm

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