Chicken in a Suit

B’stilla is the masterpiece of the Moroccan cuisine. This pie is filled with pigeon, fish or chicken, almonds and saffron. It is covered with powdered sugar and cinnamon. The unexpected blend of sweet and salty flavours and smooth and crispy textures makes it extraordinary and very memorable. I ate it for the first time in the beautiful town of Fez (or Fes), about ten years ago. It took me ages to find an Amsterdam b’stilla that could match the original version. I didn’t expect to find it within walking distance of my house. Certainly not at the place that has the looks of ‘just another cafeteria’. Well, looks can be pretty deceiving. Because at Patisserie Fes I found THE ONE. Super thin layers of dough, a whole lot of aromatic shredded chicken inside and a mix of sugar and cinnamon on top. Such a rich and unique ‘snack’. To be eaten as a starter or a main dish, with a salad including dates or figs as a side dish.

Fes Patisserie
B’stilla with chicken, € 3.00
De Clercqstraat 113H, West
+31 (0)20 233 0734
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-8pm


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