Grandma’s Shrimp

I bet you’ll like the salt and pepper shrimp of Vijfnulvijf. These babes with a bite are wrapped in a tasty crust. First they were deep-fried. Next they were stir-fried with vegetables, chilli peppers and spices. Just like the grandmother of Joost en Jan Hu does. Their father works in the kitchen of Vijfnulvijf to safeguard the authenticity of the food served. Together with his two sons he manages this new restaurant and takeaway. Father Hu used to have a wok restaurant, but the three ‘Hu-Men’ decided it was time for something new: a cool place to lounge and dine with a mix of Asian streetfood. The menu is hugely inspired by China. If you get the boys started on that ‘theme’, there’s no stopping them. They take you to their grandmother’s house in China. ‘She could spend hours making the perfect dumplings.’ Want to know what it’s like to be on a Chinese market? They will tell you. ‘Wow, the food people make on tiny barbecues. Love the satay of lamb with cumin. Try it, it’s on our menu too.’ Their enthusiasm is contagious. Their food is made with passion. Get up! Go and meet the Hu-Men.

Salt and pepper shrimp, one portion, €6.50
Insulindeweg 505, East (Indische buurt)
+31 (0) 20 358 53 88
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday noon-10pm (kitchen closed at 10pm, but feel free to also have a drink after 10pm)

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