The Right Thighs

A long time ago a ‘friend’ made fun of the satay I served him. ‘That meat! It’s just not right. Those small cubes. They ought to be much bigger.’ The nerve! Especially considering his Dutch and my Dutch-Indonesian roots. Hello, my family practically invented satay. Wander around in Asia and you’ll see people making my kind of satay everywhere. Get away from your boiled potatoes and discover the real world, boy. Okay, enough of this ‘Dutchie-Bashing’. He was wrong and I was right. But I have to say that I’ve come to appreciate satay with larger pieces of meat lately. One of my favorite places to score that type of chicken satay is dinnershop DIS. Thumbs up for the perfectly grilled juicy chicken thighs with a delightfully spicy peanut sauce. Rice with a bite, grated coconut with peanuts, a cucumber salad and your dinner is all set. Take it away or make the satay come to your place. DIS is close to the Westerpark, a sublime picnic spot. DIS has the wines to match your meal and some pretty good other stuff too: sandwiches, salads, desserts made by superb Anesta. Let’s go outside!

Satay meal, one, €10.45
Haarlemmerplein 37, City Centre (Haarlemmerbuurt)
+31 (0)20 737 12 78
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 4pm-9pm

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