Tickets to Turkey

Orontes offers the best meze deal in town. At less than 35 euro the selection of five cold and three hot appetizers is a real bargain. It’s enough to feed two greedy giants and deliciously enough to satisfy the pickiest person on earth. The menu of this lively place – reservations recommended – originates from the southern part of Turkey (Hatay, Antakya). Pomegranate sauce, chickpeas and other ingredients of this region are imported by the Kuridish owner to create authentic tastes. Charcoal grilled fish and meat is an important feature of this cuisine. The cook of Orontes sure knows how to grill. Those grilled chicken cutlets … soooo finger-licking good. MMM. Okay, I will focus and get back to the meze. Some highlights: baba ganoush, a dip of charcoal grilled aubergine, mint and pomegranate sauce, fried cheese-thyme rolls and oruk. Yes, oruk! Baked oval balls of crushed gierst (millet) filled with spiced minced beef.  A rather coarse texture, crispy crust and refined taste. A highly addictive bite, no?

Oruk, one portion, €5.50
Hugo de Grootplein 8, West. Other branch: Albert Cuypstraat 40-43, South (De Pijp)
+31 (0) 20 684 77 58
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday as of 5.30pm

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