A Piece of Cake

‘Seriously. This is. The best cake I have ever eaten.’ A text message of my neighbour Tim after I gave him some pieces of the panettone cake I bought at bakery Klopper en Stolk. This guy was so right. Other than the usual Italian bread made with eggs, butter and fruit, this version has a more powerful fruit taste and is about as juicy as a fruit pudding. Thanks to the use of olive oil instead of butter. Klopper en Stolk did a great job making this highly addictive fruit cake. It makes you wonder how good the other cakes on the shelves are: the Jewish cranberry cake, the brownie cake, the almond cake. I can tell you the bakers make a fine speculaas muffin too, a small spiced cake filled with almond paste, and, man, do they have a lot of (gluten-free) bread options. Check the Turkish figue-nuts bread and the Moroccan date bread, ideal additions to a cheese plate.

Klopper en Stolk
Panettone cake, one, €5.25
Amstelveenseweg 95, South. Other branch: Kinkerstraat 75
+31 (0) 20 675 12 52
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 6am-6pm, Saturday 6am-5pm, Sunday 8am-4pm

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