I Want Candy

Once I dreamt of a career as a police officer. I would work in the Red Light District, at the police office in the Warmoesstraat. I would be the enemy of all pimps and hustlers in town. Well, I did study criminal law, but I’m not exactly fighting crime right now. Where did I go wrong? Anyway, I still like the Warmoesstraat. The blend of seedy characters, kinky stores, quirky coffee shops and genuinely amazed tourists fascinates me. In this Pulp Fiction-like setting one of our local heroes, top chocolatier Kees Raat, runs Metropolitan. Where? Follow the scent of freshly baked waffles. Next to these beauties you’ll find ice cream, pies, bonbons and candy. Everything is homemade, using fresh organic ingredients. Most of the products are based on raw cocoa beans straight out of the Dominican Republic. In Amsterdam Kees turns these beans into chocolate. The dark chocolate marshmallows he sells are a soft introduction to the taste of this chocolate. Buy a box of it as a make-up present. Love guaranteed. P.S. Don’t leave this place without a sniff of cocoa in the back.

Dark chocolate marshmallows, one box, €4.95
Warmoesstraat 135, Centre (Red Light District)
+31 (0) 20 330 19 55
Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday and Sunday 9am-midnight, other 3 days 9am-1am

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