Looking for Mr. Banana

Fork, spoon? Attack! Impossible to eat decently, but this tartelette is worth the effort and the dirty fingers. The crispy bottom is like a cup, one containing a divine ‘soup’ of cream, caramel and last but not least thin slices of banana. Liquid sweetness at its finest and most irresistible. This banoffee pie is made by the cook of Sticky Fingers and is completely organic, just like the other pastry and savoury pies of this new ‘Eco Patisserie’ of the Conscious Hotel. Ecological Sticky Fingers is as girly as it gets: wooden chairs and tables, magazines, plants and a touch of pink. Check the bar stools, the wall behind the counter and the raspberry tartelette. Twenty-something ladies chatting and gossiping, working and bragging about their travel plans – ‘Thai islands are so last season, I am into Cambodian ones’. Some twenty-something men zipping cappuccino and latte macchiato from fair chain label Moyee. A no-frills place for a serious moment of Zen while being at one of the busiest streets in town: Overtoom/Amstelveenseweg.

Sticky Fingers
Banoffee tartelette, one, € 3.50
Amstelveenseweg 3, West/Zuid
+31 (0) 20 820 33 32
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-6pm

Dark Desire

‘How come you didn’t visit Van Velze’s yet?’ This question was asked four times by different foodies before this lazy person finally hit the road and cycled the long way – 30 minutes – to this patisserie and chocolatier. I ordered three types of dark chocolates, ate them and became an instant fan. The one with smoked almond, caramel and nougat was like an ultra refined version of a Snickers, while the one with port and cranberries was incredibly rich; fruity and slightly sour at the same time. The third one was a well seasoned ‘mama’, showing off sesame and cardamon. A dark chocolate troika to die for! The cocoa used by the owners, Robbert van Velze and his Irish partner Deborah Kilroy, is delivered by an organic plantation in Costa Rica, one Robbert regularly visits. This Costa Rican cocoa is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. By choosing this ingredient Van Velze’s supports environmental, economic and social sustainability. Go and get your package of guilt-free chocolate today.

Van Velze’s
Dark chocolates, one, €1.00
Eerste Oosterparkstraat 7, East
+31 (0) 20 337 41 25
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm

Sticky Fingers Stuff

FAVOBLOEMONDERAAN20 Pâtisserie Petit Gâteau is a new kid on the block and it’s definitely not ‘your average kid’. The Dutch-French team members two women, one manwere all trained in Paris. They worked amongst others for La Grande Epicerie de Paris (Patrice, Audrey) and Michelin restaurant La Grande Cascade (Meike). Audrey and Meike worked together at Petit Gâteau Paris, a place owned by the latter. The first time I visited Petit Gâteau Amsterdam I was caught by fear of missing out: what to eat, where to start? A banana crumble cake, a clafoutis, something with black chocolate mousse or white chocolate and pistachio and/or a savoury tart with bacon and cheese? Then I chilled: the gâteaux are so ‘petits’ that it only feels natural to buy more than one. I bought four. They were all great, but the one I cannot seem to get out of my mind is the caramel tart. The tart shell is filled with a rich and extremely smooth caramel. The touch of fleur de sel adds extra intensity. Try one at one of the tables upstairs! Inhale the scent of freshly baked gâteaux and get sticky.

Petit Gâteau
Caramel tart, one, €2.50
Haarlemmerstraat 80, City Centre (Haarlemmerbuurt)
+31 (0) 20 737 15 85
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 8am-6pm