Chicken in Satin

I bet I’ve told you over and over that my Dutch-Indonesian mother is the best cook alive. But I’m pretty sure that I haven’t told you about her exquisite ajam opor, pieces of chicken soaking in a mild coconut sauce containing lemongrass, lime leaves, roasted candlenuts, ginger and lots of other ingredients. Unfortunately I can’t not properly copy-paste her recipe – missing her magic touch, I suppose – but fortunately I found someone who does a much better job. Where? At Taste of Life! The cook of this Indonesian and Malaysian restaurant and takeaway makes an ajam opor that equals my mother’s: elegantly spiced, succulent meat, a satiny sauce. Inside this modest and friendly place it’s all about authentic food made with dedication. Why don’t you take time to try one of the many rice tables, including the ajam opor? If you savour it in a mindful way, it’s far more relaxing than yoga, trust me.

Taste of Life
Ajam opor, one portion, €15.95
Rijnstraat 51, South (Rivierenbuurt)
+31 (0) 20 644 77 86
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 5pm-10pm