Chicken Little

If choosing is not your cup of tea, you will have a hard time at Temakery. This new takeaway and ‘fast casual restaurant’ is specialised in the latest healthy food trend around: bowls, wraps and hand rolls with an explosion of vitamins. Choose your base of quinoa, brown or white rice and fill it up with fish, tofu or chicken. Add your preferred veggies and healthy fats and top it off with your favourite sauce and crunchy stuff. In front of me an excellent sushi wrap of white rice was made, including tuna, seaweed, crab, avocado, a mango dressing and sesame. Loved it. I bet normal people could lunch or even dine on such a wrap, well not me. Luckily Temakery has some side dishes to choose from, one of them being a bit naughty – well, according to FIT-girls that is. I am talking about the fried Korean chicken wings: covered in a somewhat spicy sauce and sprinkled with cilantro and crushed peanuts. Meat so tender that even your toothless grandparents could eat it. For sure that naughty is da bomb!

Korean chicken wings, one portion, € 5.00
Ferdinand Bolstraat 128, South (De Pijp)
+31 (0) 6 24 13 21 45
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 11.30am-9pm

Salmon Zensation

Succulent chunks of ultra-fresh Norwegian Salmon wrapped in sticky rice. Salmon roe that ‘explodes’ in your mouth, while splashing salty drops that go perfectly with the sweet salmon and crab stick. Some soy sauce, ginger and wasabi and there it is: a perfectly balanced culinary sensation also know as one of the futomaki rolls of ii Japanese deli. This welcoming deli/restaurant/shop is a branch of Take-Ya, the renowned Japanese food spot in Amstelveen. Besides different types of sushi the Amsterdam branch has homemade salmon-tofu burgers, yakitori (chicken satay), noodle dishes, a stunning salad of marinated salmon and lovely greens: pieces of lotus roots, a spicy seaweed salad. The cook uses Japanese seaweed for his chuka wakame instead of the commonly used Thai and Taiwanese seaweed. Why? Because Japanese seaweed is softer and doesn’t contain artificial colourings or flavourings! The Japanese delicacies this dedicated man makes deserve a wine to match: the Cuvée Gyotaku of Domaine Mittnacht (Alsace). This dry white wine – both floral and aromatic – is a creation of Yuka, a Japanese chef and the wife of winemaker Christophe Mittnacht. Her invention is the ultimate gift for Japanese food aficionados.

ii Japanese Deli
Futomaki fresh salmon, fish roe and crab, 4 pieces, € 7.80 (takeout)
Cornelis Krusemanstraat 11, South
+31 (0) 20 470 73 10
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday noon-9pm