Looking for Mr. Banana

Fork, spoon? Attack! Impossible to eat decently, but this tartelette is worth the effort and the dirty fingers. The crispy bottom is like a cup, one containing a divine ‘soup’ of cream, caramel and last but not least thin slices of banana. Liquid sweetness at its finest and most irresistible. This banoffee pie is made by the cook of Sticky Fingers and is completely organic, just like the other pastry and savoury pies of this new ‘Eco Patisserie’ of the Conscious Hotel. Ecological Sticky Fingers is as girly as it gets: wooden chairs and tables, magazines, plants and a touch of pink. Check the bar stools, the wall behind the counter and the raspberry tartelette. Twenty-something ladies chatting and gossiping, working and bragging about their travel plans – ‘Thai islands are so last season, I am into Cambodian ones’. Some twenty-something men zipping cappuccino and latte macchiato from fair chain label Moyee. A no-frills place for a serious moment of Zen while being at one of the busiest streets in town: Overtoom/Amstelveenseweg.

Sticky Fingers
Banoffee tartelette, one, € 3.50
Amstelveenseweg 3, West/Zuid
+31 (0) 20 820 33 32
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 7am-6pm

Potato of Paradise

foto-FAVOMy friend Bianca S has got style. Each time I think ‘yes, I am wearing the right clothes today’, my hope fades away the moment she walks in. Compared to her outfits my clothes are utterly boring. She wears the right colours, she has the right bag, the right shoes. When I walk through the Transvaal and Java area of Amsterdam, I feel a similar pain. I love my latest Nike sneakers to death, but most people there wear sneakers that are even cuter and more original. This emotion of not being cool enough doesn’t stop me from going there. Au contraire: one has to believe that things will be better one day. I go there to get inspired by the people on the streets and at the great food spots. One example: Rum Baba, a coffee shop that sells home-made savoury and sweet stuff in a ‘simply cool’ interior: a turquoise floor, vintage wooden furniture, nice murals. Swedish and Japanese jeans under the tables. Make sure you put a piece of the heavenly sweet potato pie on your table: a spiced ‘custard’ with a layer of mildly sour cream and cinnamon on a tender crust.

Rum Baba
Sweet potato pie, one piece, €2.80
Pretoriusstraat 33, East (Transvaal)
+ 31 (0) 6 4348 02 92
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-6pm