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FAVOBLOEMONDERAAN20 Pâtisserie Petit Gâteau is a new kid on the block and it’s definitely not ‘your average kid’. The Dutch-French team members two women, one manwere all trained in Paris. They worked amongst others for La Grande Epicerie de Paris (Patrice, Audrey) and Michelin restaurant La Grande Cascade (Meike). Audrey and Meike worked together at Petit Gâteau Paris, a place owned by the latter. The first time I visited Petit Gâteau Amsterdam I was caught by fear of missing out: what to eat, where to start? A banana crumble cake, a clafoutis, something with black chocolate mousse or white chocolate and pistachio and/or a savoury tart with bacon and cheese? Then I chilled: the gâteaux are so ‘petits’ that it only feels natural to buy more than one. I bought four. They were all great, but the one I cannot seem to get out of my mind is the caramel tart. The tart shell is filled with a rich and extremely smooth caramel. The touch of fleur de sel adds extra intensity. Try one at one of the tables upstairs! Inhale the scent of freshly baked gâteaux and get sticky.

Petit Gâteau
Caramel tart, one, €2.50
Haarlemmerstraat 80, City Centre (Haarlemmerbuurt)
+31 (0) 20 737 15 85
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 8am-6pm