Chicken Smileys

In Thailand I had several dinners in fancy restaurants, including Nahm in Bangkok; excellent creative food made of top-notch ingredients. But somehow I prefer to eat on the busiest markets and in the smallest restaurants. Loud music, lots of chit-chat, the scent of garlic and coriander, the sound of fish cookies sizzling in the wok. Like! Kay, the manager of the new small Thai restaurant Boi Boi in Amsterdam, was born in Thailand and sure knows how to handle this pan. He has showed that behind the wok of restaurant Bird and now he does that in his own funky hang-out. The food – based on ingredients of the Dappermarkt – is ultra fresh and as Thai as it gets, such as the papaya salad, tom yam and pad thai. Besides the usual suspects Kay offers unique bites, the monkey balls for example. Tasty fried rice balls with minced chicken and Thai spices that come with a sweet-sour sauce (beetroot!). Perfectly balanced flavours guaranteed to turn your face into a smiley immediately. Another plus of this welcoming restaurant and takeaway: the desserts of Majesteit Taart, baked by the talented Gaby.

Boi Boi
Monkey Balls, one portion, €6.50
Dapperstraat 12, East
+31 (0) 20 233 94 99
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday noon-10pm

Her Royal Sweetness

When Gaby was a kid she set her heart on her own cake shop. Since March 2015 she’s living her dream. At Majesteit Taart she exhibits her pieces of sugar art in a setting where the funk and colours of Miami’s Art Deco District blend with a heavy dose of femininity. Have a cup of coffee, absorb the view and make up your mind. The salted caramel-pecan-apple pie, the red velvet cake and the chocolate ganache pie are pretty amazing: great looks, great taste. The lemon-rose-coconut cake is almost too beautiful to be true. Just as stunning is the beetroot-almond pie. The colour of that frosting! The texture of that cake! Have a bite and indulge in something sweet, ‘nutty’ and perfectly moist. This beauty queen has all it takes to make your heart sing. And so has the passionate owner of this new hot spot in the bustling Javastraat. Gaby, mi gudu, don’t you ever stop baking.

Majesteit Taart
Beetroot-almond pie, one piece, €3.60
Javastraat 5, East (Indische Buurt)
+31 (0) 6 14 02 22 69
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm