My friend Linda could star in a Nike commercial. It only takes her a couple of minutes to decide whether or not she likes something. If so, she acts. She’s all about ‘just do it’. Some years ago she visited a lunch spot during the weekend. By Monday she decided that she wanted to have one herself. By the end of the weekend she rented a place in the Amsterdam city centre and started Lef, Dutch for courage, boldness. After a couple of years she reinvented herself and pursued a new career as content manager. Bye bye Lef, hello The Lebanese Sajeria! This family-run eatery gets its name from the saj, a traditional dome-shaped griddle used in Lebanon to bake manoushe, a freshly baked flatbread served with lovely toppings, such as hummus and beef. To me the ultimate manoushe is the one with halloumi cheese, fresh mint, tomatoes, cucumbers and zaatar, a mix of dried wild thyme, sumac (a tangy, lemony spice) and roasted sesame seeds. The perfect treat after/in between shopping in the surrounding neighborhood of The Nine Streets.

The Lebanese Sajeria
Manoushe with halloumi cheese and zaatar, €7.00
Wijde Heisteeg 1, City Centre
+31 (0)20 737 3386
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 11.30am-7.30pm