Rock Your Roti

If you’re in the mood for roti kip, you owe it to yourself to go to Roopram Roti, a household name within the Surinamese community in The Netherlands. Mr J. Roopram started this small chain of restaurants/takeaways in Rotterdam and now has branches in The Hague and two in Amsterdam. The one in the eastern part of the city is the largest and definitely my favourite. It’s always very much alive – expect to queue even at unexpected times – and you have a panoramic view of the kitchen scene. Cooks making their famous roti, Indian flat bread, and working in perfect harmony with the ‘lords of the chickens’ to guarantee the fastest service possible. Not that waiting is dreadful. Watch whole families enjoying their food, listen to Bollywood tunes, soak up the scent of spices. Before you know it, your roti kip is ready to be attacked by you: the flattest and tastiest bread in town and mildly masala spiced tender chicken parts, potatoes and asparagus beans. Comfort food par excellence.

Roopram Roti
Roti kip, one portion, €7.50
Eerste Swindenstraat 4, East. Other branches: see website
+31 (0) 20 693 29 02
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 2pm-9pm