Goat on a Hot Thin Plate

foto-1My family and me think it’s cool to make fun of the satay that’s for sale in Holland. ‘They cook the meat or fry it! Don’t they know how to grill?’ We find the way this skewered meat is served very funny too. ‘They treat the meat like they treat cauliflower: they smother it in sauce. Maybe to hide the terrible taste?’ I guess finding the right satay is science to us. So when I served my Dutch-Indonesian mother the saté kambing I bought at Toko Manis I was kind of nervous: will she like it? Well, the lady did. This dish – originally from Java – is Manis’ claim to fame and is made according to Indonesian ‘law’: the small pieces of marinated goat meat are slowly grilled. You are treated to tender meat seasoned with some garlic and served with a decent quantity of a ‘syrupy’ soy sauce including peanut, lemon, shallot and chilli pepper. It may take some time before you can take your sticks outside. The sweet Javanese couple that run the place make the satay the minute you order it to guarantee maximal tenderness. Eat it once you lay your hands on it. If you want to turn this ‘snack’ into a meal, make sure you add some lontong (cubes of sticky rice). Steamed rice is sooo Dutch.

Toko Manis
Saté kambing, one portion, €5.50
1e Goudsbloemdwarstraat 3, City Centre (Jordaan)
+31 (0) 20 623 01 81
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 4pm-10pm