A Slice of Rome

So you think you know pizza? I bet you haven’t tried pizza al taglio, Italian for ‘pizza by the slice’, literally ‘by the cut’. This type of pizza is baked in large rectangular trays and generally sold in square slices. It is known for its extraordinary crunchy crust and its airy bottom. This pizza 2.0 was invented in Rome and was brought to Rotterdam by the owners of Sugo. Since three months Amsterdam has a Sugo branch too. Do say ‘yay’ to this breaking news. The organic flour used comes from Vicalvi, a hamlet near Rome. It consists of both wheat and spelt – low on carbs, rich on protein. Many other ingredients are of Italian descent also: the cheese, the charcuterie, the tomato paste. The slices are as fresh as it gets and have toppings that will make you sing o sole mio instantly. Do you care for potato, truffle sauce, mushrooms and Parmezan cheese? Or pancetta, gorgonzola, spinach plus mozzarella? The one with caramelized onions, walnuts, olives, mascarpone and mozzarella is my favourite: sweet, smooth and cool. What else are you looking for in an Italian?

Pizza al taglio with caramelized onions, walnuts and mozzarella, one slice €3.40
Ferdinand Bolstraat 107, South (De Pijp)
+31 (0) 20 363 87 37
Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-10pm

Meat in Suits

favoMariangeles talks faster than she breaths. The owner of Hollandaluz makes jokes and tells about her beloved Granada while sharing her recipes and spreading her wine suggestions around. She has always just launched a plan or is about to launch a new one. Her newest offer: a Spanish breakfast including hot chocolate and churros with friends on a covered boat. Mariangeles is direct and convincing. ‘The Dutch should enjoy life more.’ Point taken! Let us start right now! Her empanadillas de carne are the best reason for a white Rueda or a young tinto. The homemade pastry is stuffed with veal, garlic, onion, mashed green olives and Avecrem (Spanish bouillon powder). The mere thought of you adding sauce to her empanadillas, makes her Andalusian heart weep: ‘Por favor, no! If you don’t care for meat, remember that her versions with tuna or spinach and cheese are great too. For a sweet finish of your micro meal some Spanish nougat will definitely do and so will the piononos, small, ‘syrupy’ cinnamon cakes named after Pope Pius IX (‘Pio Nono’).

Empanadillas de carne, one, €2.75
Haarlemmerstraat 71, City Centre (Haarlemmerbuurt)
+31 (0) 20 330 28 88
Opening hours: Monday noon-7pm, Tuesday-Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 10.30am-5pm